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Duke Angel Network invests in FanBeat, a mobile application for live sports fan engagement

The Duke Angel Network announced today an investment in FanBeat Inc., a company providing live-action mobile gaming experiences for both in-stadium and at-home viewers of sports events. FanBeat is based in Atlanta, GA.

FanBeat’s flagship mobile application enables sports fans to answer questions predicting upcoming action or regarding team trivia during breaks in the action of live games. Fans play for free and accumulate points to win prizes such as merchandise, tickets, and one-of-a-kind experiences such as the opportunity to meet players, either instantly, during the course of a game, or over an entire season. The FanBeat mobile application is available for both iOS and Android.

FanBeat is partnering with professional teams, college athletics programs, and media broadcasters to increase fan engagement. FanBeat is able to more deeply engage existing fans, attract new fans, capture unique insights to inform marketing campaigns, and directly generate additional revenue streams from in-app advertising. In addition to being available through its own mobile application, FanBeat is also available through existing team or league applications. FanBeat is currently live with the Atlanta Braves.

“The Duke Angel Network has already leveraged its innovative structure to make valuable introductions for us across the sports and media world,” said Ed Trimble, Founder and CEO. “We are very proud and excited to have Duke Angel Network as a financial partner in our business.”

“With the increasing popularity of digital sports experiences, FanBeat provides a unique opportunity for fans and teams to more deeply engage with each other,” said John Glushik, Managing Director of the Duke Angel Network. “We are excited to be working with Ed and the FanBeat team.”

Mr. Trimble earned a BSE from Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering.

About FanBeat
FanBeat is a pioneer in real-time sports gaming. Fans using FanBeat compete for prizes with their friends while cheering on their favorite teams. FanBeat enables teams, leagues, and media partners to gamify live action and curated content.

About the Duke Angel Network
The Duke Angel Network is focused on helping private companies grow by facilitating the flow of capital and support from Duke-affiliated angel investors. Founded in 2015, the Duke Angel Network is investing in companies in which a founder, executive, or board member is a Duke University alumnus, faculty member, staff member, student, or parent. Members (investors) are individual accredited investors with a Duke affiliation. The group targets private companies with the potential for significant growth and financial return. In addition to facilitating investments, the Duke Angel Network leverages the power of the global Duke community to provide guidance and expertise to portfolio companies.

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