Duke Angel Network invests in SoloPro, Inc., a marketplace for unbundled real estate agent services

The Duke Angel Network announced today an investment in SoloPro, Inc., a Durham-based startup providing a platform for unbundled real estate agent services. This is the second investment facilitated by the Duke Angel Network since its launch in June.

SoloPro enables potential home buyers to select and pay for only the services they need and save considerably versus the traditional 3% commission paid to agents. These services include phone consultations, touring homes, pricing homes, making offers, and attending inspections and closings.

Real estate agents are able to select the services they want to provide and set their own prices on the platform. Agents benefit from the flexibility SoloPro enables, as well as the certainty of professional fees for their services rather than being dependent on purchases closing to collect commissions.

“This investment by the Duke Angel Network…continues a strong connection between SoloPro and the community,” says Tommy Sowers, CEO and Founder of SoloPro “The Durham region is the center for startups in the South.”

“SoloPro has the potential to transform the way in which real estate transactions are conducted and to benefit both buyers and agents” said John Glushik, Managing Director of the Duke Angel Network, “We are excited to be working with such a visionary and dedicated team”

With the investment, the Duke Angel Network joins existing investors Oxpoint Investments, Buchanan Ventures, Blue {Seed} Capital, Arnold Capital, and the venture capital arm of Lowe’s.

Mr. Sowers earned an A.B. in Public Policy from Duke and has been a Visiting Assistant Professor of the Practice since 2014, lecturing on entrepreneurship, politics, and public leadership.

About SoloPro, Inc.
SoloPro is a trusted community platform that enables the ultimate home buyer rebate of 3% for do-it-yourself home buyers by connecting them to real estate agents who offer their unbundled services for a small fee. Hundreds of people use SoloPro every month creating an entirely new, people powered, real estate platform. With a dedicated customer service team, a state of the art website, and a fast-growing community of users, SoloPro is making home buying profitable and offering a new way for real estate agents to earn a living. For more information, please visit

About the Duke Angel Network
The Duke Angel Network is focused on helping private companies grow by facilitating the flow capital and support from Duke angel investors. Founded in 2015, the Duke Angel Network is investing in companies in which a founder, executive, or board member is a Duke University alumnus, faculty member, staff member, student, or parent. Members (investors) are individual accredited investors with a Duke affiliation. The group targets private companies with the potential for significant growth and financial return. In addition to facilitating investments, the Duke Angel Network leverages the power of the global Duke community to provide guidance and expertise to portfolio companies.

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