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Leverage Your Duke Network and Be #dukeproud

Duke Angel Network Delivers the Power of the Duke Blue Devil Network to Your Company!

We are looking for innovative teams building high growth companies.

Here are some criteria that influence our investment criteria:

  1. The Team: We want people who are humble, fearless, curious, innovative, authentic, tenacious, self-aware, energetic, … However, we can’t always find founders with all these characteristics, so we back people who can learn and help them succeed.
  2. The Problem: We look for companies who address problems consumers and/or enterprises must solve… Something that they would be compelled to buy and/or use… A pain-killer, not a vitamin, preferably with limited or no competition.
  3. Your Solution: We look for solutions that add more value, over the long run than, they cost. Solutions that are flexible, so they can adapt to changes in customer needs, competition, and other factors.

If we don’t invest in your company, you may ask for authentic feedback.

The Duke Angel Network invests in companies that meet the following  requirements:


1. Have a founder, executive, board member, or major investor who is a  current/former Duke student, employee, or parent


2. Raising Seed or Series A equity capital of $500,000 to more
Syndicating later-stage equity financing with an existing or new institutional lead investor

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3. Located in the United States

Duke Angel Network uses ProSeeder to accept applications for deal review. Please submit your application as completely as possible.

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