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As a member, you have access to a wide range of exclusive early stage investment opportunities to help you enhance your investment portfolio, enrich your professional network, and engage with Duke.

Value Proposition: We filter through about 25-30 companies that apply for funding every month, and select about 10% to give you a credible source of curated investment opportunities. Our diligence reports share the strengths and risk of each investment opportunity before our members make their investment commitments.

People Capability: A dedicated team of investment professionals conduct diligence efforts, unlike most other angel groups, which rely on members for diligence. Associates, who are subject matter experts, assist in the diligence efforts. Our Associates are residents, fellows, postdocs, and students from Duke University, who also help us connect with professionals and professors for deeper diligence.

Network Strength: Our members collaborate and network with other like-minded investors to share opportunities and ideas. They get a channel to engage with Duke University and expand entrepreneurial activities across the University by helping fellow Duke alumni grow companies with capital and support.

Investment Decision Process: Each member makes his/her own decision on how much to invest, or not invest at all, based on how the opportunity fits into his/her investment plan. There are no capital calls and no requirement to invest.

Requirements: Members must be accredited investors, have an affiliation with Duke University, and contribute annual dues of $1,000. Members are expected to be active in the network, which includes:
• Actively source investment opportunities for the group.
• Collaborate and contribute to diligence processes and portfolio support in the area of their expertise. (Most of our members love doing this to help fellow alumni and increase their upside).

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The Duke Angel Network uses a secure online software platform to facilitate collaboration, deal flow management, content management, diligence processes, investor relations, and portfolio reporting.

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